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HVAC Instant Answers

HVAC Instant Answers

HVAC Instant Answers is meant to provide both theoretical background and principles of operation of equipment, while at the same time giving the reader a practical means for quickly solving problems. The basic philosophy of this guidebook is to work backwards from the effects of a problem, hopefully eliminating many false leads along the way. We have tried to reach a compromise between solutions that are too simplistic or too complicated. It is emphasized that more often than not the cause of a control or equipment problem may not be in the obvious place. The key point is to identify what is causing the building occupants to express concern.

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This book is aimed at the field technician who has the of task solving problems rapidly and efficiently. It is the unfortunate truth that most facility management teams are understaffed. The technicians spend a lot of time satisfying occupant comfort complaints and often do not have the time to spend tracking down the root of many problems.

HVAC Instant Answers Content

  1. Introduction and Overview HVAC Instant Answers
  2. Air and Ducts
  3. Water, Steam, and Pipes
  4. Electricity and Wiring
  5. Measurement and Control
  6. Pumps and Valves
  7. Water Distribution Systems
  8. Chillers
  9. Air-Cooled Condensers and Cooling Towers
  10. Thermal Energy Storage Systems
  11. Boilers
  12. Steam Distribution Systems
  13. Fans and Dampers
  14. Air-Handling Units
  15. Air Distribution Systems
  16. Zone Terminal Systems
  17. Evaporative Cooling
  18. Residential Systems
  19. Tools for the Technician
  20. Using Multimeters
  21. Nomenclature
  22. Bibliography
  23. Index.

Every building is different. Even those that appear similar from the outside will certainly have differences in their structure, their use, and the quirks of their behaviors. Like people, no two are alike. In fact, the idea of a building as a person has some merit: most buildings have a need to take in fresh air and expel contaminated air. Many buildings provide a constant circulation of fluids around the building, and practically all buildings must maintain an internal temperature set point for the comfort of the occupants. We even now refer to problems as if we were describing people: a structure may have sick building syndrome. Some buildings are naturally relaxing to the occupants, others are disconcerting for one reason or another.


HVAC Instant Answers

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