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HVAC Controls Operation and Maintenance 3rd Edition

HVAC Controls Operation and Maintenance 3rd Edition

HVAC Controls Operation and Maintenance 3rd Edition assumes a basic familiarity with HVAC equipment and systems and the related control systems. In order to allow use of the book as a study guide, the first chapters review HVAC system processes and equipment, control system types and equipment, and equipment to control interactions. The succeeding chapters cover specific control system functions including electrical interlock and motor starting, electrical and electronic control system diagrams, pneumatic control system diagrams, maintenance of electric and electronic control systems, maintenance of pneumatic control systems, testing direct digital control (DDC) systems, and training operating and maintenance personnel.

This book written to provide a complete and concise reference volume for persons engaged in the operation and maintenance of automatic control systems serving building heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems, including refrigerating machines, and interface to building automation systems (BAS) systems. Energy management and control system (EMCS) are of such diverse types and arrangements that it is not possible to cover them in this book.

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HVAC Controls Operation and Maintenance 3rd Edition Content

  1. Basic Functions of HVAC Systems and Control Systems
  2. HVAC Equipment-to-Control Interactions
  3. Operating and Maintaining HVAC Control Systems
  4. The Mathematics of Control Systems: Controller Equations
  5. Performance Prediction in HVAC Control Systems
  6. HVAC Control System Set-Up
  7. Maintaining Electric and Electronic Control Systems
  8. The Maintaining Pneumatic Control Systems
  9. Maintaining Local Loop to BAS Interfaces
  10. HVAC Control System Checkout Procedures
  11. Fine Tuning Program for Pneumatic Control Systems
  12. Troubleshooting ATC Systems
  13. Tools & Fixtures for ATC System Operation and Maintenance
  14. Training Control System Operating and Maintenance Personnel
  15. Installing Hybrid Pneumatic and Direct Digital Control Systems
  16. Operating Direct Digital Control Systems
  17. Testing Direct Digital Control Systems
  18. A Short Course in Psychrometrics
  19. Glossary of Terms


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