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The compressed air manual edition 8th

The compressed air manual edition 8th

Atlas Copco launches the new Compressed Air Manual Edition 8th, the reference guide to efficient the compressed air design for our customers.The first edition of the compressed air  system was published in 1970 and is now considered to be the 8th edition for 2015, as well as updated information and new technologies reflect the compressed air industry.

The importance of the compressed air is written by engineers to the engineers within the company who use compressed air in a production process. This book is the reference document that you must have.

Atlas Copco commits to continue delivery sustainable productivity through secure, clean, high quality in compressed air technology. Furthermore to standardized more energy efficient and lower production costs for our customers.

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The compressed air manual edition 8th Content


  1. PhysicsThe compressed air manual edition 8th
  2. Physical units
  3. Thermodynamics
  4. Air
  5. Types of compressors
  6. Electricity

Compressors and auxiliary equipment

  1. Displacement compressors
  2. Dynamic compressors
  3. Other compressors
  4. Treatment of compressed air
  5. Control and regulation systems 52
  6. Mobile compressors

dimensioning and servicing compressor installations

  1. Dimensioning compressor installations
  2. Air treatment
  3. Cooling system
  4. Energy recovery
  5. The compressor room
  6. Compressed air distribution
  7. Electrical installation
  8. Sound


  1. Cost
  2. Opportunities for saving
  3. Life cycle cost

calculation example

  1. Example of dimensioning compressed air installations
  2. Input data
  3. Component selection
  4. Additional dimensioning work
  5. Special case: high altitude
  6. Special case: intermittent output 120
  7. case: waterborne energy recovery
  8. Special case: pressure drop in the piping


  1. The SI system
  2. Drawing symbols
  3. Diagrams and tables
  4. Compilation of applicable standards and regulations

A lot of the information in the manual has been gathered around the world and over many years by a number of leading compressed air technology engineers from Atlas Copco.  By sharing their knowledge with you, we want to ensure that efficiency gains can be realized faster and better throughout the many industries that depend on compressed air.



The compressed air manual edition 8th

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