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A technical handbook for industrial application

A technical handbook for industrial application

A technical handbook for industrial application For heat transfer professionals, this is a complete handbook for CBE industrial applications. Immerse yourself in heat transfer theory and complex applications, or use our versatile search function to find things quickly. The SWEP on-line industrial handbook gives you every opportunity to broaden your competence. When you want. Where you want.

The most basic rule of heat transfer is that heat always flows from a warmer medium to a colder medium. Heat exchangers are devices to facilitate this heat transfer with the highest possible efficiency. A good heat exchanger is able to transfer energy (heat) from the hot side to the cold side with small thermal losses and high efficiency. Good heat exchangers are typically small vessels with a small pressure drop, and are able to handle small temperature differences between two media.

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A technical handbook for industrial application Content

  • Introduction
  • Basic Heat Transfer
  • Practical Advice
  • Oil as a Heat Transfer Fluid
  • Water as a Heat Transfer Fluid
  • Applications
  • Appendix

One-Phase Heat Exchange In a one-phase heat transfer process, there is no phase change in the media. An example of such a process is a water-to-water application where the water flow on side 1 changes temperature from 30 to 50°C and the flow on side 2 changes temperature from 65 to 45°C, i.e. without a phase change. The most commonly occurring one-phase applications for CBEs are water-to-water and oil-to-water. The purpose of the CBE in oil applications is to cool engine oils, hydraulic oils or similar with water.

In a two-phase heat exchange process there is a phase change on the cold side, the warm side or both. What happens when a liquid or a gas changes phase is described below.


A technical handbook for industrial application

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