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Compressed Air Manual

Compressed Air Manual

the Compressed Air Manual produced by some of the leading compressed air technology engineers in the world. It’s due to their passion for excellence that Atlas Copco continues to revolutionize the full range of compressed air technologies that manufactured today. Our engineers work hard to share what they’ve learned – we believe that this transparency is an extremely important way to help ensure that continuous improvement in the world-wide compressed air community can be realized.

There are two generic principles for the compression of air (or gas): positive displacement compression and dynamic compression.

Positive displacement compressors include, for example, reciprocating (piston) compressors, orbital (scroll) compressors and different types of rotary compressors (screw, tooth, vane).

Compressed Air Manual content

  1. TheoryCompressed Air Manual
  2. Compressors and auxiliary
  3. Dimensioning and servicing compressor installations
  4. Economy
  5. Calculation example
  6. Appendices


All matter, be it in gaseous, liquid or solid form,  composed of atoms. Atoms are therefore the basic building blocks of matter, though they nearly always appear as part of a molecule. A molecule is a number of atoms grouped together with other atoms of the same or a different kind. Atoms consist of a dense nucleus that  composed of protons and neutrons surrounded by a number of small, lightweight and rapidly-spinning electrons. Other building blocks exist; however, they are not stable.

All of these particles  characterized by four properties: their electrical charge, their rest mass, their mechanical momentum and their magnetic momentum. The number of protons in the nucleus is equal to the atom’s atomic number. The total number of protons and the number of neutrons are approximately equal to the atom’s

The temperature of a gas is more difficult to define clearly. Temperature is a measure of the kinetic energy in molecules. Molecules move more rapidly the higher the temperature, and movement completely ceases at a temperature of absolute zero.


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