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Energy Systems Modeling Principles and Applications 2019

Energy Systems Modeling Principles and Applications 2019

Energy Systems Modeling Principles and Applications 2019 aims to answer this fundamental question through serving as an introductory reference for those studying the application of models to energy systems. The book opens with a taxonomy of energy models and treatment of descriptive and analytical models. It aims to provide the reader with a foundation in the basic principles underlying the energy models and to set those principles in the context of energy system studies. Therefore, the book will first provide an overview of different ways of classification. These can be helpful in cases where model developers themselves are looking for a convenient modeling approach. The book then provides insights for the reader into the varied applications of different energy models to answer complex questions, including those relating to specific aspects of energy policy measures dealing with issues of supply and demand.

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Energy Systems Modeling Principles and Applications 2019

  • The Systems Approach and Energy ModelsEnergy Systems Modeling Principles and Applications
  • Analytical Approaches in Energy Modeling
  • Energy Demand Models
  • Energy Supply Models
  • Climate Change Multiple Impact Assessment Models
  • Optimal Control of Energy Systems
  • Appendix A (GAMS Codes)
  • Power Company Problem (Simplex Method)
  • Quadratic Problem
  • Integer Problem
  • Gas Turbine Energy Demand Optimization Model
  • Cement Factory Energy Demand Optimization Model
  • (Cost Minimization)
  • Minimum Work of Compression
  • Building Energy Demand Optimization Model

The consumption and production of energy around the world play a significant role in several sustainability problems, such as climate change and the depletion of resources. So far, world energy use has been dominated by energy consumption in industrialized countries. However, that situation is rapidly changing. Industrializa-tion, the improvement of living standards, and population growth are leading to rapid increases in energy consumption in developing countries, with considerable impacts on global sustainability issues.


Energy Systems Modeling Principles and Applications

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