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Modeling and Control in Air-conditioning Systems

Modeling and Control in Air-conditioning Systems

Modeling and Control in Air-conditioning Systems mainly concerns about modeling and control in air-conditioning systems. Some advanced modeling methods including state-space method, graph-theory method, and structure-matrix method, as well as combined forecasting method, are employed for the modeling of air-conditioning systems. The virtual sensor calibration and virtual sensing methods (which will be very useful for the real system control) are illustrated together with the case study. The model-based predictive control and the state-space feedback  for a better local control, and the air-side synergic control scheme and the global optimization strategy with the decomposition-coordination method are developed aiming at energy conservation of the entire system. Lastly, control strategies for VAV systems including the total air volume control and the trim-and-response static pressure control  investigated with practice.

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Modeling and Control in Air-conditioning Systems content

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  • IntroductionModeling and Control in Air-conditioning Systems
  • Component Modeling with State-Space Method
  • Dynamic Simulations with State-Space Models
  • Graph-Theory Modeling and Structure-Matrix Analysis
  • Virtual Measurement Modeling
  • Control Design Based on State-Space Model
  • Combined Forecasting Models for Air-Conditioning Load Prediction
  • Energy Analysis Model for HVAC System
  • Optimal Control of HVAC System Aiming at Energy Conservation
  • Modeling and Control Strategies for VAV Systems
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With the development of economy and growth of people’s living standards, air-conditioning systems are increasingly popular for the improvement of thermal environment indoors, which results in ever-increasing energy consumption of buildings. The need for rational energy use is a global concern, and challenges are energy consumption reduction without losing efficiency and quality of life. According to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) [1] and the US Department of Energy [2], the consumption of electrical energy by HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) systems in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors corresponds to 18.62, 16.20, and 2.34 % of the total electrical energy consumed in the USA, respectively (totalizing 37.16 %). In China, building sector accounted


Modeling and Control in Air-conditioning Systems

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