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Compressor Handbook: Principles and Practice 1st Edition

Compressor Handbook: Principles and Practice 1st Edition

Compressor Handbook: Principles and Practice 1st Edition provides a practical introduction to dynamic and positive displacement compressors, including compressor performance, operation, and problem awareness. In reading this book readers will learn what is needed to select, operate, and troubleshoot compressors. Complete with real-life case histories, the book demonstrates investigative techniques for identifying and isolating various contributing causes, including design deficiencies, manufacturing defects, adverse environmental conditions, operating errors, and intentional or unintentional changes of the machinery process that usually precede failure.

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Compressors have played a major role in setting our standard of living and they have contributed significantly to the industrial revolution. Early compressors like the bellows (used to stoke a fire or the water organ use to make music) marked the beginning of a series of compression tools. Without compression techniques we could not have efficiently stabilized crude oil (by removing its trapped gasses) or separated the various components of gas mixtures or transported large quantities of gas cross country via gas pipelines.

Compressor Handbook: Principles and Practice 1st Edition content

  • Preface
  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction
  • General Compressor Theory
  • Compressor Types
  • Effect of Operating Conditions
  • Throughput Control
  • Description of Surge
  • Surge Control
  • Vibration
  • Valve Requirements
  • Instrument Requirements
  • Detectable Problems
  • Controlling Reciprocating and Centrifugal Compressors in Identical Processes
  • Optimization & Revitalization of Existing Reciprocating Compression Assets
  • Piston Rod Run-out is a Key Criterion for Reciprocating Compressors
  • Effect of Pulsation Bottle Design on the Performance of a Modern Low-speed Gas Transmission Compressor Piston
  • Resolution of a Compressor Valve Failure: A Case Study

Today, compressors are so much a part of our every day existence that many of us do not even recognize them for what they are. Compressors exist in almost every business and household as vacuum cleaners and heating & air conditioning blowers. Even those who have worked with compressors (usually only one or two types of compressor) have only a vague awareness of the variety
of compressors in existence today.


Compressor Handbook: Principles and Practice 1st Edition


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