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Lubrication Oil and Grease Course

Lubrication Oil and Grease Course

Lubrication Oil and Grease Course Will teach you the following Principles of Lubrication,Oil & Grease Lubrication,Oil Analysis,Lubricant storage and handling and Task-Lubricant selection.Right lubricant to the right place, on the right machine, in the right amount, at the right time.Our Industrial Requirement Improving productivity & Minimizing waste and Reducing costs of Operation.

What is Lubrication ?

  • prevention of metal-to-metal contact by means of an intervening layer of fluid
  • The principle of supporting a sliding load on a friction-reducing film  known as lubrication
  • These lubricants are used to a large extent in the lubrication of aircraft internal combustion engines & moving parts.


Classification of Lubricants

  • Animal
  • Vegetable
  • Mineral
  • Synthetic

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  • These are highly stable at normal temperatures,Animal lubricants may not be used for internal combustion because they produce fatty acids
  • Examples of vegetable lubricants are: Castor oil ,Olive oil and Cottonseed oil
  • Animal and vegetable oils have a lower coefficient of friction than most mineral oils but they rapidly wear away steel

Lubrication Oil and Grease Course

All liquids will provide lubrication of a sort, but some do it a great deal bettor than others.

Oil Requirement :Lubrication Oil and Grease Course

  • Provide high quality products, supported by successful field experience.
  • Work to lower maintenance.
  • Work to Lower cost of operation through value added services.
  • Provide products to help Machine for long operation.

The advantages of a lubricating oil .

• Improved heat dissipation from the friction point
• Its excellent penetrating and wetting properties.

Main disadvantage

  • Complex design is required to keep the oil at the friction point and prevent the danger of leakage.

Purpose of Oils

  • Oil reduces friction between moving parts
  • Lubrication – slippery surface between moving parts
  • Seal – between piston rings and cylinder surface
  • Cool – especially bearings (dissipate heat)
  • Clean – contaminates held in suspension (wear particles)


Lubrication Oil and Grease Course

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