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Pump Installation & Maintenance

Pump Installation & Maintenance

Pump Installation & Maintenance starting with pump defintion , and going to piping and valves .The Pump is defined as a mechanical device that rotates or reciprocates to move fluid from one place to another

Purpose of a pump:A pump is designed to:

  1. transfer fluid from one point to another.
  2. from low pressure areas to higher pressure Areas.
  3. lower elevations to higher Elevations.
  4. From local locations to distant locations.

Pumps are available in a wide range of types, sizes, and materials, two categories described—positive displacement and centrifugal. positive displacement pumps have a fixed displacement volume. Consequently, the flow rates they generate are directly proportional to their speed.

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Pump Installation & Maintenance Content

  1. Identify pump classificationsPump Installation & Maintenance
  2. Describe the purpose of pump parts.
  3. Define various pump terms.
  4. Explain pump operation.describe the components of a pump curve.
  5. Describe a simple pumping system.
  6. Describe typical pump failures and theircauses
In systems that operate at high pressures small-diameter pipes can have thinner walls than large-diameter pipes and are easier to route and install.Small-diameter pipes restrict flow, can be especially problematic in systems with surging flow characteristics. Smaller pipes also operate at higher liquid velocity, increasing erosion effects, wear, and friction head. Increased friction head affects the energy required for pumping The flow in a pumping system may be controlled by valves. Some valves have:


  1. distinct positions.
  2. shut or open.
  3. throttle flow.
  4. selecting the correct valve for an application depends on:
  5. ease of maintenance. Reliability.
  6. leakage tendencies.
  7. Cost.
  8. frequency with which the valve will be open and shut.

Fluid system designs are usually developed to support the needs of other systems.In cooling system applications, the requirements flow is determine. Pump capabilities are then calculated based on the system layout and equipment characteristics The most challenging aspect of the design process is cost-effectively matching the pump and motor characteristics to the needs of the system


Pump Installation & Maintenance

Pump Installation & Maintenance

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