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The Certified Quality Engineer Handbook, Third Edition

The Certified Quality Engineer Handbook, Third Edition

The third edition of The Certified Quality Engineer Handbook was written to provide the quality professional with an updated resource that follows the CQE Body of Knowledge. Today it is not uncommon for the quality engineer to be involved in quality improvement activities in healthcare, finance, education, software applications, and other non manufacturing sectors. In response, numerous new examples and illustrations that cover applications in some of these areas are included in this edition.

Key features of the third edition include:

  1. New and updated references
  2. Extensive revision of the statistical methods complete with numerous updated examples and illustrations
  3. Over 75 new glossary entries

In revising The Certified Quality Engineering Handbook our primary goal has been to reflect the changes in the Body of Knowledge for the Certified Quality Engineer that was published by the American Society for Quality early in 2006. We recognize new developments in the quality engineering profession such as:

  • Greater emphasis on communications
  • New problem-solving tools
  • More widespread application of Six Sigma and lean enterprise concepts
  • Revisions to the ISO 9000 standards
  • A need for more examples of how tools are applied to quality problems

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The Certified Quality Engineer Handbook, Third Edition Content

Part I Management and LeadershipThe Certified Quality Engineer Handbook

1 A. Quality Philosophies and Foundations
2 B. The Quality Management System
3 C. ASQ Code of Ethics for Professional Conduct
4 D. Leadership Principles and Techniques
5 E. Facilitation Principles and Techniques
6 F. Communication Skills
7 G. Customer Relations
8 H. Supplier Management
9 I. Overcoming Barriers to Quality Improvement

Part II The Quality System

10 A. Elements of the Quality System
11 B. Documentation of the Quality System
12 C. Quality Standards and Other Guidelines
13 D. Quality Audits.
14 E. Cost of Quality.
15 F. Quality Training

Part III Product and Process Design

16 A. Classification of Quality Characteristics
17 B. Design Inputs and Review
18 C. Technical Drawings and Specifications.
19 D. Design Verification
20 E. Reliability and Maintainability.



The Certified Quality Engineer Handbook, Third Edition



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