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Trane Building Management Systems

Trane Building Management Systems

Trane building management systems includes a product for every control need, from a remedy for a problem area in an existing building to a comprehensive system for a major complex or campus. The Trane building management system capabilities and features include:

  • Scheduling for weekdays and holidays
  • After-hours usage tracking
  • Management reports and logs
  • Dynamic and interactive color graphics
  • Direct digital control and custom programming routines
  • Comfort monitoring by zone
  • Energy-saving software including chiller plant control, demand limiting, optimal start/stop, and night setback
  • Operator interface that is easy to learn and use
  • Architecturally-compatible, ergonomic design

Trane is unique in its ability to offer total Integrated Comfort systems, HVAC, controls,  from a single source. These systems constitute a vigorous response to today’s demands from regulatory agencies, building designers, contractors, owners, and occupants.

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Trane Building Management Systems Content :Trane Building Management Systems

  • Standalone Building Control
  • Networked Building Control
  • Chiller Plant (Subsystem) Management
  • Simple Building Control
  • ICS Architecture
  • Operator Interface
  • Building Control
  • General-Purpose Unit Control
  • Factory-Mounted Unit Control
  • Trane Sensors

Controlling the comfort in a building space begins with Trane sensors. We designed our sensors for use with Trane Tracer systems to provide the accuracy and repeatability required by DDC control. Trane sensors are compatible with a variety of Trane building level and unit level controllers. In addition, the sensors are architecturally compatible with each other and with modern building interiors.

Trane room temperature sensors are available in several variations, and include options for setpoint adjustment and override switches. Use Trane room humidity sensors to control humidifiers and dehumidification equipment. Controlling building humidity is an important element in maintaining indoor air quality. Trane also offers field-applied sensors to measure pressure, temperature, and humidity in air and water applications.



Trane Building Management Systems

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