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Job Training Mechanical Technician Course Compressors

Job Training Mechanical Technician Course Compressors

Mechanical Technician Course Compressors is the second phase of the development program. It is intended specifically for Mechanical Maintenance Developees.

On completion of the Course the developee will have acquired an awareness of some of the equipment, terminology, and also procedures related to mechanical maintenance of ADGAS LNG plant. Appropriate safety procedures will continue to be stressed at all times.

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Job Training Mechanical Technician Course Compressors Objectives

  • Identify types of compressorsCompressorsCompressors
  • Identify compressor parts and also state their functions
  • Describe compressor principles
  • Identify compressors used on the plant, their types and also configurations
  • Describe, in simple terms, compressor surge and its consequences
  • Identify P&ID and PFD symbols for compressors as well as their auxiliaries

The above will be achieved through the following:

  • Pre-test
  • Classroom instruction
  • Audio visual support
  • Site visit
  • Tasks & exercises
  • Post-test

The main purpose of a compressor is to increase the pressure of a gas:

  • Supply compressed air for use throughout the plant
  • Raise the pressure of process gas (or feed gas) received from the ADMA gas-oil separation plant going to Trains I and also II for liquefaction
  • In refrigeration processes that cool gas to liquefy it
  • Re-compress boil-off-gas (LNG) and also vapour recovery (LPG) in the STOREX area
  • Gas turbines, to increase the pressure if air entering the turbine

Compressor are also needed where gas has to be moved through long pipelines. As gas flows along a pipeline, some of its pressure energy changes to heat energy because of fluid friction. This results in a loss of pressure. Compressors are located at points along the pipeline to boost the pressure.

Most of the compressor on the ADGAS plant are centrifugal compressors. They have the same principal of operation as a centrifugal pump but run at much higher speeds than a pump. They are often driven directly by turbines. If they are driven by electric motors, a gearbox may be needed to increase the drive speed to the compressor.



Job Training Mechanical Technician Course Compressors

Job Training Mechanical Technician Course Compressors

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