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Gas Turbines Training Course Design & Operation

Gas Turbines Training Course Design & Operation

Through Gas Turbines Training Course Design & Operation we will start by Define,Gas turbine is an internal combustion engine, it is designed to accelerate a stream of gas, which is used to produce a reactive thrust to propel an object or to produce mechanical power to turn a load, the principal of operation of the gas turbine can be explained .

Cold air is enter from the hole at bottom of the oven, as its mix with the hot gases that released from the combustion its temperature will increase & hence its density will drop, then it will move up word & another cold air will replace hot air with continues action, due to the movement of hot air to the top, it will create a natural draft that pass through a series of blades that turned the roasting spit so provide power to the attached mechanism.

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Now the idea of gas turbine is clear:
1- The left hand fan represents the COMPRESSOR
2- The right hand fan represents the TURBINE
3- The flame represents the COMBUSTION CHAMBER
4- The electric motor represents the START UP UNIT of the gas turbine.”Gas Turbines Training Course Design & Operation”
5- Another applied load could be an electric generator, pump, or thrust propulsion as in aircraft ….etc.
6- There is additional part of the gas turbine which is the AIR FILTER to insure clean air entrance

The Gas Turbines Training Course Design & Operation Content

  • Gas turbines general notesGas Turbines Training Course
  • Gas Turbine air intake system
  • The Gas turbine compressor
  • Gas turbine combustion chambers
  • Gas turbine – turbine section
  • The Gas turbine blade cooling technique
  • General notes in shaft design
  • Gas turbine – start up unit
  • Gas turbine operation, control & protections
  • The Gas turbine efficiency & optimization
  • Appendix – A
  • References

First successful design for a gas turbine is done by a lot of pioneers at the same time, one of them is Sir Frank Whittle (England); he make painting for first gas turbine on 1930 but similar patent record in Germany & Italy on the same year.



Gas Turbines Training Course Design & Operation

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