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Boiler Operator’s Handbook 2nd Edition

Boiler Operator’s Handbook 2nd Edition

In the seven years since I finished the first edition of Boiler Operator’s Handbook ,I have had several opportunities to think about what else this book could include to give operators more intelligence and tools and therefore better operation of plants. Many ideas were generated by operators asking questions at classes that I teach regularly for operators to comply with regulations of the Maryland Department of the environment. Also, while working with the Testing Subcommittee for the ASME QFO standard and preparing test questions for the operator’s exam I learned much about the perception of boiler operators. As a result there are a few changes in this edition that should be fruitful. I’ve also included guidelines for operation of HRSGs and combined cycle systems.

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Boiler Operator’s Handbook 2nd Edition

  • Operating WiselyBoiler Operator’s Handbook
  • Operations
  • What The Wise Operator Knows
  • Special Systems
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
  • Maintenance
  • Consumables
  • Water Treatment
  • Strength of Materials
  • Plants and Equipment
  • Controls
  • Why They Fail

Boiler Operator’s Handbook 2nd Edition  appendixes

  • A—Properties of Water and Steam
  • B–Water Pressure Per Foot Head
  • C—Nominal Capacities of Pipe.
  • D—Properties of Pipe
  • E—Secondary Ratings
  • F—Pressure Ratings for Various Pipe Materials
  • G—Square Root Flow Curve
  • H—Square Root Graph Paper
  • I—Viscosity Conversions
  • J—Thermal Expansion of Materials
  • K—Value Conversions
  • L—Combustion and Efficiency Calculation Sheets
  • M—Excess Air/O2 Curve
  • N—Properties of Dow therm
  • O—Properties of Dow therm
  • P—Chemical Tank Mixing Table
  • Q—Suggested Mnemonic Abbreviations
  • R—Specific Heats of Some Common Materials
  • S—Design Temperatures and Degree Days
  • T—Code Symbol Stamps
  • Index

This book is written for the boiler operator, an operating engineer or stationary engineer by title, who has knowledge and experience with operating boilers but would like to know more and be able to operate his plant wisely. It is also simple enough to help a beginning operator learn the tricks of the trade by reading the book instead of learning the old-fashioned way (through
experience) some of which can be very disagreeable. The book can also be used by the manager or superintendent who wants a reference to understand what his operators are talking about. It’s only fair, however, to warn a reader of this book that it assumes a certain amount of experience and knowledge already exists.


Boiler Operator’s Handbook 2nd Edition

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