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Boiler Control Systems Engineering

Boiler Control Systems Engineering

Boiler Control Systems Engineering is for anyone who works with boilers as a utilities manager, power plant manager, control systems engineer, maintenance technician or operator. The information deals primarily with water tube boilers with Induced Draft (ID) and Forced Draft (FD) fan(s) or boilers with only a FD fan. However, it can apply to any steam generator requiring the firing of fuel. The book addresses issues to be considered when defining measurement transmitters and specification for transmitters. Final control elements are reviewed as to characteristics and sizing. Engineering details on control systems and the setup of the various control functions are covered with specific examples of boiler control including configuration and tuning. The book also contains some of the primary requirements for a Burner Management System.



  1. About author Boiler Control Systems Engineering
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Figures and tables
  4. Boiler Fundamentals
  5. Control of Boilers
  6. Furnace draft
  7. Feedwater
  8. Coal fired Boilers
  9. Fuel and Air Control
  10. Steam Temperature
  11. Burner Management System
  12. Environment
  13. Control Valve Sizing
  14. Acronyms
  15. General Tutorial
  16. Steam Temperature Control
  17. Bibliography
  18. Reference
  19. Glossary of Common Boiler Terms

Boiler Control Systems Engineering provides specific examples of boiler control including configuration and tuning, valve sizing, and transmitter specifications. This expanded and updated second edition includes drum level compensation equations, additional P&ID drawings and examples of permissive start-up and tripping logic for gas, oil, and coal fired boilers. It also covers different control schemes for furnace draft control. NFPA 85 Code 2007 control system requirements  included, with illustrated examples of coal fired boilers, as well as information on the latest ISA-77 series of standards.

What is the most important thing that engineers and operators need to know about boiler control? And, why is it so important? The answer is in this video, and the process for implementing it is explained in detail in Gilman’s book.


1st Edition Link 1
2nd Edition Link 1


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