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Modern Boiler Types and Applications

Modern Boiler Types and Applications

Modern Boiler Types and Applications introduces New Types and application of boilers. Boilers can be classified by their combustion method, by their application or by their type of steam/water circulation. This chapter will present mainly water tube boiler types, categorized by their combustion process and application.

Grate firing has been the most commonly used firing method for combusting solid fuels in small and medium-sized furnaces (15 kW – 30 MW) since the beginning of the industrialization. New furnace technology (especially fluidized bed technology) has practically superseded the use of grate furnaces in unit sizes over 5 MW. Waste and bio-fuels are usually burned in grate furnaces. Since solid fuels are very different there are also many types of grate furnaces. The principle of grate firing is still very similar for all grate furnaces (except for household furnaces.

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Modern Boiler Types and Applications Content

  • Table of contentsModern Boiler Types and Applications
  • Table of contents
  • Introduction
  • Grate furnace boilers
  • Cyclone firing
  • Pulverized coal fired (PCF) boilers
  • General information
  • Burners and layout
  • Oil and gas fired boilers
  • Fluidized bed boilers
  • General
  • Principles
  • Main types
  • Internet links
  • Combined heat and power (CHP) plants or cogeneration
  • Heat recovery steam generators (HRSG)
  • Definition
  • HRSGs in CHP plants
  • Refuse boilers
  • Recovery boilers
  • Packaged boilers
  • Internet links
  • References

The cyclone furnace chambers are mounted outside the main boiler shell, which will have a narrow base, together with an arrangement for slag removal (Figure 3). Primary combustion air carries the particles into the furnace in which the relatively large coal/char particles are retained in the cyclone while the air passes through them, promoting reaction. Secondary air  injected tangentially into the cyclone. This creates a strong swirl, throwing the larger particles towards the furnace walls.


Modern Boiler Types and Applications

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