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Boilers and Burners Design and Theory

Boilers and Burners Design and Theory

Boilers and Burners Design and Theory uses a format of theory-based practice. Each chapter begins with an explanation of a process. Then it develops equations from first principles and presents experiment-based empirical equations. This is followed by design methodology, which in many cases is explained by worked-out examples. Thus, the book retains the interest of the reader and help remove doubts if any on the theory.

To generate steam or hot water fossil fuel boilers use the chemical energy from fuels. A nuclear boiler uses energy from nuclear fission. A waste heat recovery boiler uses the sensible heat of hot gases from a process, and a solar boiler uses energy from the sun to generate steam.

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Boilers and Burners Design and Theory

  • IntroductionBoilers and Burners Design and Theory
  • General Design Considerations
  • Fuel and Combustion Calculations
  • Coal Preparation Systems for Boilers
  • Design of Oil Burners
  • Boiler Furnace Design Methods
  • Convective Heating Surfaces
  • Swirl Burners
  • Design of Novel Burners
  • Tangentially Fired Burners
  • Fluidized Bed Boilers
  • Steam-Water Circulation in Boiler
  • Forced Circulation for Supercritical or Sub-critical Boilers
  • Corrosion and Fouling of Heat Transfer Surfaces
  • Erosion Prevention in Boilers
  • Pressure Drop in Gas and Air Ducts
  • Mechanical Design of Pressure Parts
  • Tables of Design Data
  • Index

Modern society owes a great deal to fossil fuels, which have accelerated man’s progress from the cave to the present age of jets and computers. Utilization of this precious gift of nature is central and critical to our lives. This book is about rational utilization of fossil fuels for generation of heat or power. The book is intended for undergraduate and graduate students with an interest in steam power plants, burners, or furnaces. For researchers, it is a resource for applications of theory to practice. Plant operators will find solutions to and explanations of many of their daily operational problems. Designers will find this book filed with required data, design methods, and equations. Finally, consultants will find it useful for design evaluation.



Boilers and Burners Design and Theory

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