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Turbopumps and Pumping Systems

Turbopumps and Pumping Systems

Turbopumps and Pumping Systems covers most of the subjects that are requested by engineers, those who are directly involved in design and manufacturing the pumps to those who operate the pumps in industrial units. The authors have worked for many years teaching the subject, conducting research, and implementing pump and pump station designs in different academic institutions, industrial sectors, and consulting firms. Based on this extensive background, the material of the book is arranged to cover the most important topics, from basic theories to practical applications. This book can also serve as a useful textbook for students who are taking the courses in the area of turbopumps and hydraulic machineries.

The book  divided into two major Parts. In Part I, Turbopumps, the basic information about pumps classification, definitions, principal of operation, and construction elements are presented. In Part II, Pumping Systems, the important parameters in pump operation, selection, pumping systems, and pump stations  discussed in details.

Table of contents :

  1. Front MatterTurbopumps and Pumping Systems
  2. Introduction to Turbopumps
  3. Fundamental Concepts
  4. Similarity Laws
  5. Cavitation
  6. Axial and Radial Thrusts
  7. Front Matter
  8. Operational Properties of Characteristic Curves
  9. Pipeline Calculations
  10. Pump Performance in a Piping System
  11. Water Hammer
  12. Pump Stations
  13. Back Matter

Pumps are devices that transfer energy from an external source to a liquid in order to move the liquid from one location to another. This process will increase the energy of the liquid after it leaves the pump.

The hydraulic characteristics of a specific piping system (simply referred to the system) as well as the physical and chemical characteristics of the liquid itself would determine what type of pump is most suitable for one specific application. These characteristics include liquid viscosity, specific weight, working temperature, corrosion property, possibly dissolved gases and suspended particles in the liquid. All of these elements along with the volume of the liquid that  pumped per unit of time and the required pressure have led to development of pumps with different structures, designs, and applications.


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