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ASHRAE Guide for HVAC in Hazardous Spaces 2021

ASHRAE Guide for HVAC in Hazardous Spaces 2021

ASHRAE Guide for HVAC in Hazardous Spaces 2021 is also dedicated to the individuals who work at oil refineries and chemical manufacturing facilities and put their lives on the line every day to provide us all with the products and services we depend upon daily, in the hope that it can provide meaningful information and make their facilities safer places to work.

The guide presents various techniques and methods, as developed and refined over the current and past centuries by countless experts within specific fields of interest. It is written in a manner to ensure that the reader gains intuitive insight into the best possible means to ensure that a space is effectively ventilated and conditioned for various levels of occupancy while preserving all aspects of the safety and health of the occupants and protection of the surrounding facilities.

ASHRAE Guide for HVAC in Hazardous Spaces 2021

  1. PrefaceASHRAE Guide for HVAC in Hazardous Spaces 2021
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. Introduction
  4. Applicable Hazardous Substances
  5. Sources of Hazards in Relationship to Protected Spaces
  6. Protection Methods
  7. Protected Space Integrity
  8. Equipment Selection Criteria
  9. Associated Equipment Design and Installation Requirements
  10. System Maintenance
  11. System Operation
  12. References

This book presented as an educational tool to guide designers, engineers, and technicians in regard to the proper design, engineering, installation, operation, and maintenance of safe and effective heating, ventilation, pressurization, dilution, filtration, and air-conditioning systems for hazardous spaces. As herein defined, such spaces  surrounded by or may contain various concentrations and mixtures of airborne contaminants and hazardous substances. This guide places particular emphasis on toxic chemicals, asphyxiants, flammable gases, and combustible dusts.

Protecting the health and safety of countless individuals depends on making proper and thoughtful decisions. Each decision regarding what types of equipment to design and install, how the equipment will operate, and how it maintained incurs potential life-safety risks. Readers encouraged to take great care, carefully deliberate decisions, and consult with experts as necessary to minimize any potential life-safety risks when designing and installing HVAC systems in hazardous spaces.


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