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Centrifugal Pumps 4th Edition 2020

Centrifugal Pumps 4th Edition 2020

Centrifugal Pumps 4th Edition 2020 summarizes the research results on hydraulic problems in centrifugal pump design and describes the state of the art in a comprehensive way. For this 4th edition, current research results of practical relevance were included. The selection and presentation of the material oriented towards the needs of pump manufacturers, system planners and pump operators. Much space devoted to understanding the physical relationships as essential knowledge for correct application. The latter is supported by more than 160 diagrams and tables for calculation and problem diagnosis .

The book has been extensively updated. New additions:

  • A separate chapter on “Vibrations on vertical pumps”.
  • Measurements of hydraulic exciter and impeller reaction forces
  • Alternating stresses and fatigue fractures of impellers
  • A critical study on the accuracy of numerical flow calculations of pumps
  • Design of inlet housings and double spirals for multistage pumps.

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Centrifugal Pumps 4th Edition 2020 Content

  • Front MatterCentrifugal Pumps 4th Edition 2020
  • Fluid Dynamic Principles
  • Pump Types and Performance Data
  • Pump Hydraulics and Physical Concepts
  • Performance Characteristics
  • Partload Operation, Impact of 3-D Flow Phenomena Performance
  • Suction Capability and Cavitation
  • Design of the Hydraulic Components
  • Numerical Flow Calculations
  • Hydraulic Forces
  • Noise and Vibrations
  • Operation of Centrifugal Pumps
  • Turbine Operation, General Characteristics
  • Influence of the Medium on Performance
  • Selection of Materials Exposed to High Flow Velocities
  • Pump Selection and Quality Considerations
  • Pump Testing
  • Appendices
  • Back Matter

Centrifugal pump technology involves a broad spectrum of flow phenomena which have a profound impact on design and operation through the achieved efficiency, the stability of the head-capacity characteristic, vibration, noise, component failure due to fatigue, as well as material damage caused by cavitation,
hydro-abrasive wear or erosion corrosion. Operation and life cycle costs of pumping equipment depend to a large extent on how well these phenomena and the interaction of the pump with the system understood.


Centrifugal Pumps 4th Edition 2020

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