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Building Services Planning Manual

Building Services Planning Manual


Building Services Planning Manual Planning is a fundamental and a challenging activity in the management of construction project. A good construction plan forms the basis for developing the budget and schedule of work required. Planning involves the choice of technology, definition of work tasks, the estimation of required resources & duration for individual tasks and the identification of interactions among the different work tasks.

In the modern day construction projects, Building services forms an important part of the overall project. It is very important to properly integrate the planning of Building services together with other works and blend them together with other activities. This is even more important, considering the fact that, Building services and MEP related works account to almost 30 % of the overall project. Therefore, for the success of the project, it is imperative that the Building Services  planned well and properly integrated with the other works.

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Building Services Planning Manual Content

  • Activity ListBuilding Services Planning Manual
  • Activity Flow
  • Building Service and Civil Activity Relationship
  • Building Service and Civil Activity Interface -Tabular
  • Activity Production Rate
  • Material Procurement.
  • Building Services Equipment Information
  • Mechanical (HVAC) Installation Guide
  • Electrical Installation Guide
  • Plumbing Installation Guide
  • Fire Fighting Installation Guide
  • Electrical Systems

Any construction project is a unique, one-of-a-kind undertaking aimed at achieving specific time, cost and quality goals and objective. In the modern day fast track jobs, it’s very important to prepare the detailed and realistic program to achieve the project completion date. We have experienced in our practical life that most of the projects are delayed because of delay in material delivery, installation, testing & commissioning of major MEP activities. So, the proper planning of Building services is critical to the successful Project Planning and Project Management as a whole.

Activities are the fundamental work elements of a project. They are the lowest level of a work breakdown structure (WBS) and, as such, are the smallest subdivision of a project that directly concerns the module.


Building Services Planning Manual

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