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Natural Gas Installations and Networks in Buildings

Natural Gas Installations and Networks in Buildings

Natural Gas Installations and Networks in Buildings as a part of building logistic system, illustrated with digital examples. It describes the NG oxidation phenomena and appropriate energy converting devices used in the building’s energy centres and basic sizing principals of the related pipe networks. Further, it covers usage of NG devices including system for thermal comfort control, building ventilation, indoor air quality, visual comfort, food preparation and conservation, and hygiene maintenance system. A special attention is given to applications of the NG technological equipment, using gas-driven heat pumps, micro heat and power systems. Aimed at professionals and graduate students in the areas of HVAC, Plumbing, Architecture, Electricians, this book:

  1. Presents complex, innovative and systematical approach to NG installations in buildings.Natural Gas Installations and Networks in Buildings-min
  2. Reviews efficient and environmentally sustainable dementalization approach to building energy supply, using NGmHps v/s central energy supply systems.
  3. Explains pre-designating calculations of the gas piping networks.
  4. Illustrates structures, principals of operation and building project implementations of the modern GN energy converters and transformers as fuel cells (SOFC, MOFC, PEFC) and NG driven heat pumps.
  5. Discusses calculation methods derived from professional case studies.

Natural Gas Installations and Networks in Buildings Content

  1.  Introduction
  2. Theoretical foundations of gas pipe networks and installations
  3.  Gas supply of urbanized regions
  4.  Main building systems operating with fuel gas
  5. Conclusions and Acknowledgement
  6. Appendix
  7. References

The implementation of the described view to building structure is an innova-tive designer’s methodological tool for synthesis and constructing of their onsite engineering systems and installations. From that point of view, central gas pipelines and power supplying installations constitute one of the two types of internal power installations, being part of the building energy system.

  1. Gas-mechanical compatibility – gas devices often operate in chains sub-jected to urban pipeline pressure; they can also be connected to systems releasing combustion products – the combustion systems should be of one and the same type;
  2. Randomization of gas appliances;
  3. Fire and explosion protection.


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