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Applied Technology and Instrumentation for Process Control

Applied Technology and Instrumentation for Process Control

Applied Technology and Instrumentation for Process Control presents the complex technologies of different manufacturing processes and the control instrumentation used. The large variety of processes prohibits covering more than a few. Carefully selected and diverse, but representative, examples show how fundamentally basic simpler elements or techniques can be coordinated and expanded into more control systems. This book is suitable for all levels of practitioners and also engineers in related industries or applications.

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This work is an extension to the earlier publication Instrumentation Fundamentals for Process Control (2001) in which the basics of instrumentation were given along with some applications of instruments and control systems to real processes. Because the present work is an extension of this latter aspect, it is therefore confined mainly to the techniques of applying instrumentation and control systems to manipulate the process to give the desired results.


1.Applicability of Miscellaneous Control Strategies – Industry-wide Instrumentation for Process Control
2. Digesters – Paper Pulp
3. Paper Machine
4. Evaporators
5. Product Distillation
6. Product Blending
7. The Brewing Industry
8. Project Management and Administration

The topics covered in this book will expose the reader to even more actual
requirements that are to be found in real process plants, as well as to some of the methods
used as solutions to control them. Therefore, the similarity in operation of parts of the process can allow the control philosophy developed for the control loops involved in the common elements to be applied across several different industries. The reader is encouraged to look for and exploit, where possible, this feature to advantage. As mentioned earlier, much of the instrumentation used in the systems presently discussed have been previously covered in Instrumentation Fundamentals for Process Control (2001). The present text, however, has not assumed any prior knowledge, and as far as possible, steps have been taken to make this book self-sufficient.


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