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Piping and Pipelines Assessment Guide

Piping and Pipelines Assessment Guide

Piping and Pipelines Assessment Guide is an assessment guide from the plant engineering, pipeline engineering and operations perspective. It is intended to serve as a guide for the practicing plant and pipeline engineer, operations personnel, and central engineering groups in operating companies. and  will serve as a helpful guide for those in the engineering and construction companies to provide insight to plant and pipeline operations from their client’s eyes and to writing specifications and procedures. It also will offer engineering.

students a perspective about plant and pipeline operations for a more productive career. Also the book will be a helpful guide for plant and pipeline inspectors who are so critical to the satisfactory operation of plant and pipeline facilities. The role and function of inspectors cannot be over emphasized.

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Piping and Pipelines Assessment Guide Content

  • An Introduction to In-plant Piping and Pipeline Fitness-for-Service
  • An Introduction to Engineering Mechanics of Piping
  • Fitness-for-Service Topics of Local Thin Areas, Plain Dents, Dents-Gouges, and Cracks for Piping
  • Fitness-for-Service for Brittle Fracture Concerns
  • Piping Support Systems for Process Plants
  • Piping Maintenance and Repairs
  • Hot Tapping (Pressure Tapping) and Freezing
  • Pipeline Fitness-for-Service, Repair, and Maintenance—Selected Topics
  • A: Properties of Pipe
  • B: Weights of Pipe Materials
  • C: Formulas for Pipe, Internal Fluid, and Insulation Weights


This volume on piping and pipeline assessment is the only handbook that the mechanical or pipeline engineer needs to assess pipes and pipelines for reliability and fitness-for-service.

Key Features

  • Provides essential insight to make informed decisions on when to run, alter, repair, monitor, or replace equipment
  • How to perform these type of assessments and calculations on pipelines is a ‘hot’ issue in the petrochemical industry at this time
  • There is very little information on the market right now for pipers and pipe liners with regard to pipe and pipeline fitness-for-service


Piping and Pipelines Assessment Guide

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