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Radiant Floor Heating 2nd Edition

Radiant Floor Heating 2nd Edition

Radiant floor heating systems have been around since the days of the ancient Romans. People throughout the ages have recognized the comfort associated with radiant floor heating systems. Even with their long and successful history, radiant floor systems have only recently begun to gain major attention in modern construction. Even today, there is some market resistance to what is an excellent heating system for a multitude of purposes. Understanding the features and benefits of radiant floor heating is the first step in learning to appreciate this quality form of heating.

Radiant floor  systems have been around for quite some time. If you want to go back to the origins of heating buildings by having heated floors, you can trace the process all the way back to the Roman Empire. The Romans heated their floors by directing exhaust gases from wood fires to open space under raised floors. Today’s radiant floor systems depend on hot water rather than exhaust gases, to heat floors.

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2nd Edition Content

  • Preface
  • Why Aren’t More Contractors Using In-Floor Heating Systems?
  • Comparing Radiant-Floor Systems to Other Systems
  • Designing Functional, Cost-Effective Systems
  • Combining Radiant Floor Systems with Baseboard Systems
  • Establishing Heating Zones
  • The Mechanics of Manifolds
  • Boilers
  • Material Selection
  • Circulating Pumps
  • Controls and Control Systems
  • Components for Heating Systems
  • Expansion Tanks
  • Domestic Water Heating
  • Slab-on-Grade Piping Systems
  • Thin-Slab Piping Systems
  • Dry Piping Systems
  • Radiant Systems for Ice Removal
  • Purging Air from Systems
  • Solar Heating Systems
  • Troubleshooting Gas-Fired Boilers
  • Troubleshooting Oil-Fired Boilers
  • Selling Radiant Heating Systems
  • Appendix—Pressure Losses and Flow Charts
  • Index

Radiant floor heating systems require only a low temperature fluid to do their job. This translates into lower operating costs.The PEX tubing used to create most radiant floor systems is very inexpensive when compared to copper tubing.


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