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Improving Fan System Performance

Improving Fan System Performance

Improving Fan System Performance is designed to provide fan system users with a reference outlining opportunities to improve system performance. It is not intended to be a comprehensive technical text on improving fan systems, but rather a document that makes users aware of potential performance improvements, provides some practical guidelines, and details where the user can find more help. The sourcebook is divided into three main sections and appendices.

For users unfamiliar with the basics of fans and fan systems, a brief discussion of the terms, relationships, and important system design considerations is
provided. This section describes the key factors involved in fan selection and system design and provides an overview of different types of fans and the applications for which they  generally used. Users already familiar with fan system operation may want to skip this section. The key terms and parameters used in selecting fans, designing systems, and controlling fluid flow are discussed

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Improving Fan System Performance

  • Quick Start GuideImproving Fan System Performance
  • Introduction to Fan Systems
  • Performance Improvement Opportunity Roadmap
  • Programs, Contacts, and Resources
  • Appendix A: Fan System Terminology
  • Appendix B: The Fan System Marketplace

Introduction to Fan Systems section describes the key components of a fan system and the opportunities for performance improvements. Also provided is a figurative system diagram identifying fan system components and performance improvement opportunities. A set of fact sheets describing these opportunities in greater detail follows the diagram. These fact sheets cover:

1. Assessing Fan System Needs
2. Fan Types
3. Basic Maintenance
4. Common Fan Systems Problems
5. Indications of Oversized Fans
6. System Leaks
7. Configurations to Improve Fan System Efficiency
8. Controlling Fans with Variable Loads
9. Fan Drive Options
10. Multiple-Fan Arrangements
11. Fan System Economics

The sourcebook includes two appendices. Appendix A is a glossary that defines terms used in the fan system industry. Appendix B presents an overview of the fan system marketplace.


Improving Fan System Performance

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