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Indoor Air Quality A Guide for Facility Managers 2nd Edition

Indoor Air Quality A Guide for Facility Managers 2nd Edition

Indoor Air Quality A Guide For Facility Managers written for facility managers, mechanical engineers, maintenance personnel, indoor air quality consultants, and other professionals interested in identifying problems and finding solutions for common indoor air quality. Written in the language of the layperson, it is designed to be used as a management tool, training guide, and ready reference for existing and future managers.

This second edition of Indoor Air Quality: A Guide for Facility Managers has been slow in its creation, but is a product of its era. Maintenance problems are not always easily solved. In the 7 years since this book’s first edition, strides have been made, but many potential solutions have been stalled. Mold has been a major problem
and a key maintenance issue for many facility managers and building owners.

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  • Preface
  • Introduction To Sick Buildings
  • IAQ Hazards To Human Health and Productivity
  • HVAC Basics and Indoor Air Quality
  • Improving Ventilation
  • Improving Filtration: Recycling Air
  • Controlling Humidity and Moisture
  • The Value of Duct Cleaning
  • Putting It All Together: The IAQ Program
  • Mold: Potential Threats Sprout in a Watery World
  • I – Trade Associations, organizations and Publications
  • II – IAQ, HVAC and Energy Terms and Definitions
  • III – Manufacturers, Suppliers and Service Providers
  • IV – IAQ Forms for Practitioners and Facilities Managers

The annual IAQ Conference continued by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) almost (but not quite) called it the Mold Conference. It’s the subject of a public session at Chicago’s McConnick Place in January 2003.

Building owners owe it to their tenants to provide the safest, healthiest indoor environment possible. This is something that soon will be taken for granted, right along with adequate parking space, elevators that don’t break down, lobbies that are attractive, and office spaces that are workable.


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