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Job Training Mechanical Technician Course Bearings

Job Training Mechanical Technician Course Bearings

Bearings The Job Training Mechanical Technician Course is the second phase of the development programme. It is intended specifically for Mechanical Maintenance Developees.

On completion of the Course the developee will have acquired an awareness of some of the equipment, terminology, and also procedures related to mechanical maintenance of ADGAS LNG plant. Appropriate safety procedures will continue to be stressing at all times.

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Job Training Mechanical Technician Course  Objectives

  • Identify types of bearing and, where appropriate, their partsBearings
  • Select the correct bearing type for different load conditions
  • Identify the correct bearing fit for different applications
  • Fit and remove a plain bearing
  • Fit and remove an antifriction bearing
  • Have an awareness of bearing lubrication methods
  • Identify some common causes of bearing failure by visual inspection

The first two jobs above can be done quite easily. It is the last job, reducing friction, that makes bearings so important.Friction between surfaces causes wear. Bearing reduce friction, but they can not eliminate it completely. There is always some friction when one surface slides on another, and where there is friction there is always wear.

Bearing failure is a common cause of breakdown in rotating equipment: pumps, compressors, gearboxes, etc.
An important task of a mechanical maintenance technician in ADGAS is to replace worn and damaged components. This work often involves the inspection and replacement of bearings. In this module you will learn about the different types of bearings used on the ADGAS plant, how to recognize damaged bearings and how to remove and also replace them.

The most important job that a bearing does is to allow components to move relative to each other with as little friction as possible. Friction is the force that tries to stop one surface sliding on another.Before looking at bearings in detail you should understand a little more about friction.


Job Training Mechanical Technician Course Bearings

Job Training Mechanical Technician Course Bearings

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