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Solar Energy Technologies and Project Delivery for Buildings

Solar Energy Technologies and Project Delivery for Buildings

Solar Energy is an authoritative reference on the design of solar energy systems in building projects, with applications, operating principles, and simple tools for the construction, engineering, and design professional. the Solar Energy Technologies and Project Delivery for Buildings simplifies the solar design and engineering process, providing sample documentation and special tools that provide all the information needed for the complete design of a solar energy system for buildings to enable mainstream MEP and design firms, and not just solar energy specialists, to meet the growing demand for solar energy systems in building projects.

This book provides practical information for engineers and contractors involved in the design, cost estimating, and construction of solar energy systems. The material covered in the book will enable a professional engineer to design buildings that are more energy efficient. It provides the information necessary to integrate solar features, such as hot water heating, passive design, and photovoltaics, into the development of individual homes or commercial buildings.


  • ForewordSolar Energy Technologies
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgments
  • Delivering Solar Energy Projects
  • The Solar Energy Resource
  • Photovoltaics (PV, Solar Electricity)
  • Solar Water Heating
  • Solar Ventilation Air Preheating
  • The Solar Space Heating and Cooling
  • Case Studies of Solar Buildings
  • Appendix A: Nomenclature
  • Appendix B: Unit Conversion Factors
  • Index

In summary, Solar Energy: Technologies and the Project Delivery Process for Buildings combines the expertise of the author’s thirty years of experience with up-to-date data on climactic resources and current computer programs useful to the practicing engineer for analysis and design of solar buildings.

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Many neophytes in the design of solar systems will find these practical features and tools to estimate the performance of different systems, such as, for example, a photovoltaic electric system, most useful.


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