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Mechanics of Rotor Spinning Machines

Mechanics of Rotor Spinning Machines

Mechanics of Rotor Spinning Machines explores the mechanics of rotor spinning machines. It discusses the open-end spinning machine rotor’s vibrations and bearings as well as the kinematics of the rotor’s drive as individual drive or central drive, both as a reducing drive and multiplying drive.  examines explanations for the rotor’s power requirements through different techniques such as Shirley institute (UK) and Zurich Federal Institute. It also covers power distribution inside the machine, different mechanisms of the machine, and air flow inside the spinning machine.

There is a familiar statement made by both textile technologists and designers of textile machines: “The textile technological requirements are the basic resources for the textile machine designer.” For example, the rotor spinning machine has three technological functions:
(1) the sliver opening;
(2) twisting, that is, inserting a twist in the strand of fibers that collect on the rotor’s collecting surface during their withdrawal via the doffing tube; and
(3) packaging, that is, winding the yarn on a spool at the top of the machine. Therefore, the designer has established three mechanical items: the opening device (feed roll and opening roll), the twisting mechanism (rotor), and the winding head.

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Mechanics of Rotor Spinning Machines :

  • PrefaceMechanics of Rotor Spinning Machines
  • Acknowledgments.
  • About the Author
  • Rotor Dynamics
  • Rotor Bearings
  • The Rotor Drives
  • Rotor Power Requirements
  • Power Distribution in the Rotor Spinning Machine
  • Air Flow Inside the Rotor Spin Box
  • Rotor-Spun Yarn’s Dynamic Tension
  • Some Mathematics in Rotor Spinning
  • Appendix I
  • II: Constructional Aspects of Different Rotor Sets and Their Resonances Curves
  • III: An Experimental Determination of the Mass Moments of Inertia of the Rotor Spinning Machine’s Rotor
  • IV: Dynamic Balancing of Rotors
  • V: Noise Level of the Rotor Spinning Machine
  • VI: Mechanical Vibrations
  • VII: Lubrication
  • VIII: Systems of Maintenance
  • IX: Spike Energy
  • index


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