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Surface Production Operations: Volume IV: Pumps and Compressors

Surface Production Operations: Volume IV: Pumps and Compressors

Surface Production Operations Series has taken the guesswork out of the design, selection, installation, operation, testing, and troubleshooting of surface production equipment. The fourth volume in this series, Pumps and Compressors is directed to both entry-level personnel and practicing professionals looking for an up-to-date reference book on managing, evaluating, sizing, selecting, installing, operating and maintaining pump and compressor systems. Packed with examples drawn from years of design and field experience, this reference features many charts, tables, equations, diagrams, and photographs to illustrate the basic applications including pump hydraulics, centrifugal and reciprocating compressor applications, compressor performance maps, pump performance curves, pump and compressor testing and installation, and many more critical topics. Packed with practical solutions Surface Production Operations: Pumps and Compressors delivers an essential design and specification reference for today’s engineers.

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Surface Production Operations: Volume IV: Pumps and Compressors Content

Overview of PumpsSurface Production Operations: Volume IV: Pumps and Compressors
2. Pump Fundamentals
3. Centrifugal Pumps
4. Positive Displacement Pumps
5. Overview of Compressors
6. Centrifugal Compressors
7. Positive Displacement Compressors
8. Driver Selection

Surface Production Operations: Volume IV: Pumps and Compressors 

  • Covers application and performance considerations for all types of pumps and compressors
  • Delivers hands-on manual for applying mechanical and physical principles to select and design pump and compressor systems, supported by many tables and diagrams
  • Gives expert advice on how to apply design codes and standards such as API 610, API 674, ANSI B78.1, API 617, API 11P, API RP 14C and the Hydraulic Institute

Pumps serve many purposes in production facilities. The largest pumps are usually shipping or sales pumps which increase the pressure of oil or condensate so that it can flow into a sales pipeline or be loaded into tankers, barges, railroad cars, or trucks. Other large pumps are used with water injection systems for disposing of produced water or for waterflooding.


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