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Pumps and compressors 2019

Pumps and compressors 2019

Pumps and compressors 2019 is intended for technical high school students, college students, plant engineers, process engineers, and pump and compressor sales reps. Of course, in high schools, one has to make abstract on the mathematical framework. The book is also a kind of encyclopedia of the greater part of pumps and compressors on the market. It is impossible for a teacher or professor to go through the whole book in one course. I use simple language to explain everything and in the hope that it will be easy for the
reader to follow the reasoning. I oppose writing that forces the reader first has to make a grammatical analysis of every sentence.

This book also uses concepts of fluid mechanics and thermodynamics, two subjects I taught. In fact, pumps and compressors apply the concepts of these two basic branches of engineering science. Don’t worry if this isn’t your area of expertise: the information you will need to understand these branches is given in this book. When I started my career the subject I taught was called “Applied mechanics and thermodynamics” and later it was separated into “Pumps and compressors,” “Combustion engines and turbines,” and “Refrigeration techniques.”

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Pumps and compressors 2019

  • PrefacePumps and compressors 2019
  • Acknowledgment
  • Used Symbols
  • About the Companion
  • Website
  • Pumps
  • General Concepts
  • Positive Displacement Pumps
  • Dynamic Pumps
  • Flow-Driven Pumps
  • Sealing
  • Part II Compressors General
  • Piston Compressors
  • Other Displacement Compressors
  • Turbo compressors
  • Jet Ejectors
  • Vacuum Pumps
  • A:The Velocity Profile and Mean Velocity for a Laminar Flow
  • B:Calculation of 𝝀 for a Laminar Flow
  • Index

The word “compressor” had a hit rate of 18 million.This is because both devices account for a significant part of the infrastructure of buildings, houses, and factories. It is reckoned that in a petrochemical plant there is one pump installed for every employee.


Pumps and compressors 2019

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