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Compressor Technology Advances 2021

Compressor Technology Advances 2021


Compressor Technology Advances 2021 describes fresh approaches to compression technology. The authors describe in detail where, why, and how these can be of value to process plants. As such plants have become ever larger and more complex, more technology-intensive solutions have had to be developed for process machinery. The best practices that have emerged to address these requirements are assembled in this book.

This book explains and describes in detail where, why, and how new ap-proaches to compression technology are of value to all process plants. We refer to existing facilities contemplating upgrades as well as facilities that have merely reached cost estimating or preengineering and definition-of-scope status.

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  1. PrefaceCompressor Technology Advances 2021
  2. Acknowledgements
  3. Thermodynamics refresher
  4. Brief overview of compression machinery
  5. Technical briefs on dynamic compressor technology
  6. Technical briefs on positive displacement compressors
  7. Factory testing of centrifugal compressors
  8. Measuring of train performance using torque meters
  9. Basic rotordynamics
  10. Approaches for sizing lube oil systems
  11. Dry Gas Seals, Auxiliaries, and Support Systems
  12. Equipment purchasing
  13. Design basics of tabletop foundations for machinery engineers
  14. Special-purpose couplings
  15. Compressor controls and protection systems
  16. A: Physical properties of various gases
  17. B:Sizing different types of compressors
  18. C: Novel mitigation techniques for solving rotor stability
  19. D: Machinery quality assessment (MQA)
  20. Index

While compressor basics and their underlying thermodynamics and physics are immutable and have not changed, some compressor books and compression-related texts cater to a relatively narrow range of interests. Conversely, other texts have at-tempted to address too wide a spectrum of readers and/or are simply too voluminous in either size or scope. This then prompted our decision to approach De Gruyter with a solid proposal for this unique book.

We are indebted to individual engineers and manufacturers who kindly responded to our requests for compiling, and also granting permission, to include material in this book. Their able assistance made it possible for us to move the book from con-cept to reality.


Compressor Technology Advances 2021

Compressor Technology Advances 2021

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