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Pump User’s Handbook Life Extension

Pump User’s Handbook Life Extension

Pump User’s Handbook Life Extension will explain just how and why the best-of class pump users are consistently achieving superior life cycle costs, run lengths, low maintenance expenditures, and unexcelled safety and reliability. Written by practicing engineers whose working career  marked by involvement in pump specification, installation, reliability assessment, component upgrading, maintenance cost reduction, operation, troubleshooting and all conceivable facets of pumping technology, this text endeavors to describe in detail how you, too, can accomplish best-of class performance and low life cycle cost.

Pumps used to feed liquids from one place to another. There is no liquid that cannot be moved by pumps. If pumps cannot move a product, the product is probably not a liquid. Pumps used in every industry conceived by man and installed in every country in the world.

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Pump User’s Handbook Life Extension Content

  • PrefacePump User's Handbook Life Extension
  • Chapter
  • Pump System Life Cycle Cost Reduction
  • How to Buy a Better Pump—Initial Cost Issues
  • Piping—Baseplate—Installation and Foundation Issues
  • Operating Efficiency Improvement Considerations
  • Improved Pump Hydraulic Selection Extends Pump Life
  • Improvements Leading to Mechanical Maintenance Cost Reductions
  • Bearings in Centrifugal Pumps
  • Mechanical Seal Selection and Application
  • Improved Lubrication and Lube Application
  • Oil Mist Lubrication and Storage Preservation
  • Coupling Selection Guidelines
  • Pump Condition Monitoring Guidelines
  • The Pump Types and Materials
  • Pump Failure Analysis and Troubleshooting
  • Shop Repair and Spare Parts Availability & Procurement
  • Appendices
  • References
  • Index

Pump installation and commissioning costs include the foundations, grouting, connecting of process piping, connecting electrical wiring, connecting auxiliary systems, equipment alignment, flushing of piping and performance evaluation at startup. The care and
effectiveness in executing these installation activities will have a great impact on subsequent reliability, maintenance and down time costs, during the life cycle of the pump. Unless shown to be outdated, the equipment manufacturer’s installation, start-up and operation instructions should be adhered to. A checklist should be used to ensure that equipment and the system are operating
within specified parameters.



Pump User’s Handbook Life Extension

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