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High Pressure Pumps 1st Edition

High Pressure Pumps 1st Edition

High Pressure Pumps 1st Edition provides a look into recent experience and research to help engineers, scientist and end users to understand the technical side of pumps, nozzles and accessories that have been developed for special applications. The High pressure system design with formulas to calculate pressure drop, orifice size, cleaning paths, horsepower, torque and trouble shooting that may not be found in any other single book are included.

The High pressure pumps and systems are used in shipbuilding, steel mills, automotive plants, research, petrochemical and water jetting industries. This book covers high pressure pumps used in water jetting, cryogenics, hot fluid pumping, chemical pumping and oil field services.

Goes a step further than manufacturer’s manuals and to explore applications and system design
Only book on the market that covers this technology from installation to management
Need to know reference for operating high pressure pumps

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High Pressure Pumps 1st Edition

  • Front coverHigh Pressure Pumps
  • Title page
  • Copyright
  • Table of contents
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgments
  • About the Author
  • History of High Pressure Pumps
  • Recent Improvements in High Pressure Pumps
  • Evolvement of Water Jetting Pumps
  • Development of Nozzles and Special Accessories
  • Case Study of Munitions Decommissioning
  • Rocket Propellant Washout
  • Concrete Cutting & Steel Cutting Projects
  • Surface Preparation Effectiveness
  • Environmental and Safety Concerns
  • Hot water wash down unit
  • Troubleshooting high pressure pumps
  • High pressure pumps systems
  • A: Corrosion Data
  • B: Viscosity & Specific Gravity of Common Liquids
  • C: Utex Material Recommendation Chart
  • D: Equivalent Pressure Drop Reference
  • Index

This book is to document the development of high-pressure pumps and systems technology that used in almost every industrial endeavor. High-pressure pumps and ultra-high pressure equipment used for hydro-static testing, erosion testing, surface preparations, cutting material, machining metals and cleaning surfaces. The experiences and research discussed herein will help engineers, scientists, and end users to under-stand the technical side of pumps, nozzles, accessories and power pump systems developed for special applications.

This definition also explains that the pistons or plungers driven in a more or less harmonic motion by a rotating crank with a connecting rod arrangement. This motion generates flow by pulling the fluid through inlet check valves and pushes the fluid through outlet check valves that are located near the inlet and outlet of the pump.


High Pressure Pumps 1st Edition

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