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Heat Pump Planning Handbook

Heat Pump Planning Handbook

Heat Pump Planning Handbook contains practical information and guidance on the design, planning and selection of heat pump systems, allowing engineers, designers, architects and construction specialists to compare a number of different systems and options.

Including detailed descriptions of components and their functions and reflecting the current state of technology, this guide contains sample tasks and solutions, as well as new model calculations and planning evaluations. It also covers economic factors and alternative energy sources, which are essential at a time of rising heat costs.

Topics include:

• ecological and economic aspects;
• introduction to refrigeration;
• water heat pump systems;
• configuration of all necessary components; and
• planning examples (problems and solutions).

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Heat Pump Planning Handbook Content

  • Portrait of the authorHeat Pump Planning Handbook
  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Observations on ecology and economics
  • What is a heat pump and how does it work?
  • Heat pump output
  • Planning a heat pump system
  • Groundwater protection
  • Hydraulics
  • Heat pump system planning guidelines
  • Different types of heat pump system
  • Economic considerations
  • Laws and institutions for the protection of people and the environment
  • Starting up heat pump systems
  • Common heat pump errors
  • Concluding observations and outlook
  • Exercises
  • Questions
  • Examples of heat pump systems
  • Solutions to the exercises
  • Answers
  • Index


This book provides a detailed examination of everything relating to heat pumps, and takes into account the most recent developments .The reader will find in-depth information about heat pump functions and components, including the characteristics of the various refrigerants. The various types of heat pump are described, and their advantages and disadvantages outlined. Other important areas include an examination of performance, coefficient of performance, seasonal performance factor and energy input factor. It is the author’s intention to increase awareness of the differences between heat pumps and conventional heating systems. Many hydraulic illustrations of heat pump systems are also provided.


Heat Pump Planning Handbook

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