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Heat Pump Dryes Theory, Design and Industrial Applications

Heat Pump Dryes Theory, Design and Industrial Applications

The novel Heat Pump Dryes Theory,  Design and Industrial Applications has social–technological impact and cost- efficiency advantages compared to conventional drying. The worldwide trend and progress in computerised data acquisition systems, electromechanics and controlling devices are all contributing to further improvements and creating new topics for research in heat pump drying. Allied to this progress, advances in new metals and materials allow for building lighter, stronger and more compact heat pump drying systems.

Heat pump drying allows processing heat-sensitive materials and manufacturing high quality dried products at competitive cost. Also, it operates in atmospheric freeze drying and evaporative drying modes for processing materials that are difficult to handle in conventional dryers. It allows manufacturing dried products with similar quality but at lower cost than those produced by conventional dryers.

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Heat Pump Dryes Theory,  Design and Industrial Applications Content

  • PrefaceHeat Pump Dryes Theory
  • Acknowledgements
  • Nomenclature
  • Author
  • Conventional and Heat Pump Drying: Benefits and Drawbacks
  • Single-Stage Vapour Compression Heat Pumps for Drying
  • Multistage Vapour Compression Heat Pumps for Drying
  • Design of Single-Stage Vapour Compression Heat Pump Drying
  • Design of Two-Stage Vapour Compression Heat Pump Drying
  • Psychrometry of Moist Air Applied to Water Removal and Energy Consumption
  • Thermophysical Properties and Selection of Heat Pump Fluids
  • References and Additional Readings
  • Index

The future is for heat pump dryers operating with natural fluids because this technology is in full harmony with the Kyoto and Montreal protocols. Favourably, after careful design and extensive tests at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway, the heat pump dryers were scaled up from bench to pilot plants. After indus-trial plant refinements, this technology effectively reached commercial applications. These steps entail process sustainability and techno-economic problems that are solved only after extensive experimentation with the products of commercial interest and processes operat-ing with environment-friendly fluids.



Heat Pump Dryes Theory, Design and Industrial Applications

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