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Alfa Laval Pump Handbook

Alfa Laval Pump Handbook

Alfa Laval Pump Handbook produced to support pump users at all levels, providing an invaluable reference tool. The handbook includes all the necessary information for the correct selection and successful application of the Alfa Laval ranges of Centrifugal, Liquid Ring and Rotary Lobe Pumps. The handbook is divided into fifteen main sections, which are as follows:

Alfa Laval is an acknowledged market leader in pumping technology, supplying Centrifugal and Positive Displacement Pumps world-wide to various key application areas such as food, brewery and pharmaceutical.

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Alfa Laval Pump Handbook

  • IntroductionAlfa Laval Pump Handbook
  • Terminology and Theory
  • Pump Selection
  • Pump Description
  • The Pump Materials of Construction
  • Pump Sealing
  • Pump Sizing
  • The Pump Specification Options
  • Motors
  • Cleaning Guidelines
  • Compliance with International Standards and Guidelines
  • Installation Guide
  • Troubleshooting
  • Technical Data
  • Glossary of Terms

There are many different definitions of this but at Alfa Laval we believe this is best described as: ‘A machine used for the purpose of transferring quantities of fluids and/or gases, from one place to another’.

The viscosity of a fluid can be regarded as a measure of how resistive the fluid is to flow, it is comparable to the friction of solid bodies and causes a retarding force. This retarding force transforms the kinetic energy of the fluid into thermal energy.

The ease with which a fluid pours is an indication of its viscosity. For example, cold oil has a high viscosity and pours very slowly, whereas water has a relatively low viscosity and pours quite readily. High viscosity fluids require greater shearing forces than low viscosity fluids at a given shear rate. It follows therefore that viscosity affects the magnitude of energy loss in a flowing fluid.

Two basic viscosity parameters are commonly used, absolute (or dynamic) viscosity and kinematic viscosity.


Alfa Laval Pump Handbook

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