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Solar Air Conditioning Systems

Solar Air Conditioning Systems

Solar Air Conditioning Systems might be a way to reduce the demand for electricity. In addition many solar air-conditioning systems are constructed in ways that eliminate the need for CFC, HCFC or HFC refrigerants.Air-conditioning is one of the major consumers of electrical energy in many parts of the world today and already today air-conditioning causes energy shortage in for
example China. The demand can be expected to increase because of changing working times, increased comfort expectations and global warming. Air-conditioning systems in use are most often built around a vapor compression systems driven by grid-electricity. However, most ways of generating the electricity today, as well as the refrigerants being used in traditional vapor compression systems, have negative impact on the environment.

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  • IntroductionSolar Air Conditioning Systems
  • Components
  • References
  • A: Concepts
  • B: Mollier and psychometric charts
  • C: COP and volume of refrigerant vapor per cooling power for ejector-chiller for some different refrigerants.
  • D: Copyright-related issues
  • Tables
  • Illustrations

Solar air-conditioning system can be divided into two groups of systems: solar autonomous systems and solar-assisted systems. In a solar autonomous system “all” energy used by the air-conditioning system is solar energy. The word all is in between quotation marks because often systems called solar autonomous still use grid-provided electricity for powering fans and pumps. If the system is to be truly solar autonomous this energy should also be from solar energy.

Alternatives to using solar energy are to use waste heat from different industrial processes such as refineries, garbage treatment facilities etc. Even driving the air conditioning systems directly with fossil fuels might in some cases be a more environmental friendly alternative than using electricity.

Some components are used for electrically, mechanically or heat driven air conditioning. And of course other sources of mechanical energy or heat could be used for powering these components.


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