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HVAC Advanced Simulation Guidebook Volume 2

HVAC Advanced Simulation Guidebook Volume 2

HVAC Advanced Simulation Guidebook series is intended to teach readers about the high performance building process for commercial new construction. The goal of the high performance building process is to create buildings that meet owner and occupant needs in terms of energy efficiency, thermal comfort, and other sustainability areas—and do so in a way that reduces the necessary design effort and construction cost impact.

Building simulation programs analyze the interaction between building systems and therefore can play an important role in schematic design analysis and decision-making. The important thing is that the analysis is done early, before the design features under consideration have been incorporated into the project plans and specifications.

The high performance building process, on the other hand, focuses on the life cycle costs of the building. The design decisions driven by a combination of first cost sensitivity and also life cycle cost responsibility.HVAC Advanced Simulation Guidebook Volume 2

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HVAC Advanced Simulation Guidebook Volume 2

  • Introduction
  • The High Performance Building Process…
  • Using Simulation to Guide the High Performance Building Process.
  • Energy Modeling Approach for Specific Programs
  • Site-Generated Renewable Energy
  • Summary

A central component of the high performance building process is that the energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness of design decisions can be improved through effective use of energy modeling during all design phases of a project. The challenge to the energy modeler is to understand which questions can be effectively answered with the energy model at each project phase. Just as the overall design starts with a broad focus during schematic design and increases in detail through subsequent phases, so too must the energy model start as a somewhat simplified depiction of what the final project will be and then be refined as more detailed information becomes available. The energy modeler must apply their judgment and experience to know which details are important at each project phase and which design questions can be answered appropriately at different project phases.


HVAC Advanced Simulation Guidebook Volume 2

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