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Fundamentals of HVACR 2nd Edition

Fundamentals of HVACR 2nd Edition

Our goal in writing Fundamentals of HVACR is to encourage a high level of professionalism for future and current technicians in the industry by producing a text that is both accessible and thorough. To accomplish this, we followed a few guiding principles:

■ Explain why things work.
■ Organize material so that it progresses from fundamental concepts to specific applications of those concepts.
■ Organize the material so that it progresses in difficulty from easily understood ideas to more challenging concepts and applications.
■ Write a text that is accessible to readers while still providing the detailed information necessary to be successful.
■ Write a book that HVACR students will want to keep for reference when they become professionals.

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Fundamentals of HVACR 2nd Edition Content

  • Fundamentals of HVACRFundamentals
  • HVACR Science
  • Refrigeration Systems and Components
  • Refrigeration Practices
  • HVACR Electrical Systems and Components
  • Air Conditioning Systems
  • Heating Systems
  • Heat Pump Systems
  • System Design, Sizing, and Layout
  • Commercial Environmental Systems
  • Commercial Refrigeration Systems
  • Installation, Maintenance, Service and Troubleshooting

The “HVACR Science” section lays the foundation for understanding virtually all the concepts and applications introduced later in the book. Taking the time to understand the science behind HVACR systems is an investment in your future. The specific details of individual units change over time, but the science that governs how they operate stays the same.

The most difficult part of writing a comprehensive text is deciding what material to include. Everything there is to know simply won’t fit into a single book. We focused on one simple question: Does the material help the reader understand how to install, maintain, and service HVACR systems?

The presentation of the material is equally important. There is always more than one way to describe or explain something. We chose the most transparent and easily understood explanations possible without leaving out crucial detail. Concepts and applications are reinforced with specific, real-world examples. Our writing style is engaging to draw the students in, as there is really no reason a textbook can’t be written in a style that encourages the reader to read out of interest rather than obligation.


Fundamentals of HVACR 2nd Edition

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