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Building Performance Simulation for Design and Operation

Building Performance Simulation for Design and Operation

Effective Building Performance Simulation for Design and Operation can reduce the environmental impact of the built environment, improve indoor quality and productivity, and facilitate future innovation and technological progress in construction. It draws on many disciplines, including physics, mathematics, material science, biophysics and human behavioural, environmental and computational sciences. The discipline itself is continuously evolving and maturing, and improvements in model robustness and fidelity are constantly being made. This has sparked a new agenda focusing on the effectiveness of simulation in building life-cycle processes.

Building Performance Simulation for Design and Operation begins with an introduction to the concepts of performance indicators and targets, followed by a discussion on the role of building simulation in performance-based building design and operation. This sets the ground for in-depth discussion of performance prediction for energy demand, indoor environmental quality (including thermal, visual, indoor air quality and moisture phenomena), HVAC and renewable system performance, urban level modelling, building operational optimization and automation.

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  • List of figuresBuilding Performance Simulation for Design and Operation
  • List of tables
  • contributors
  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Introduction to building performance simulation
  • The role of simulation in performance based building
  • Weather data for building performance simulation
  • People in building performance simulation
  • Thermal load and energy performance prediction
  • Ventilation performance prediction
  • Indoor thermal quality performance prediction
  • Room acoustics performance prediction
  • Daylight performance predictions
  • Moisture phenomena in whole building performance prediction
  • HVAC systems performance prediction

The rise of technology over the past decades has been something of a mixed blessing. On the one hand it has increased our freedom to move and communicate and has provided us with more comfort. On the other hand, it is widely understood that the energy use currently required to drive our modern way of living has led to critical environmental problems.


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