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Building Control Systems Applications Guide

Building Control Systems Applications Guide

Building Control Systems provides the building services engineer with a comprehensive understanding of modern control systems and relevant information technology. This will ensure that the best form of control systems for the building is specified and that proper provision  made for its installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance. Beginning with an overview of the benefits of the modern building control system, the authors describe the different controls and their applications, and include advice on their set-up and tuning for stable operation. There are chapters on the practical design of control systems, how to work from the hardware components and their inclusion in networks, through to control strategies in Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems and whole buildings.

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Guide Content:

  • ForewordBuilding Control Systems
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction: the need for controls
  • Control fundamentals
  • Components and devices
  • Systems, networks and integration
  • Control strategies for subsystems
  • Control strategies for buildings
  • Information technology
  • Management issues
  • A1: Bibliography
  • A2: Tuning rules
  • A3: Glossary

The relationship between Building, Management Systems (BMS) and information technology systems is discussed, and the building procurement process and the importance of considering control requirements at an early stage in the design process ?·Provides a comprehensive overview of the control systems available?·Outlines the practical design aspects of installing and maintaining ?·Helps you to choose the best form of control system for each individual building.

Controls are poorly understood in our industry. The subject is also disliked in university courses as it can become highly
mathematical. It is probably partly due to this lack of appreciation of controls and their commissioning that I have yet to
This Guide is an attempt to redress some of these problems. It explains the topic of controls with the minimum of mathematics. It builds on and updates the earlier 1985 Applications Manual Automatic Building Controls.


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