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Air Distribution in Buildings

Air Distribution in Buildings

Air Distribution in Buildings gives comprehensive advice and guidance on the design, calculations, and efficient operation of air distribution in buildings of different natures and applications. The book focuses on buildings from a simple room to more complex configurations in archaeological monuments to places of worship, such as churches and mosques. Special concern is given to hospitals, operating theaters, and sporting facilities, which are for use at various stages during the whole building life cycle.

Air conditioning system providers have a duty of care to ensure that appropriate engineering governance arrangements are in place and are energy efficient. The author has spent the past 40 years working on the design of air conditioning and ventilation systems for monument facilities, as well as other electromechanical services. It is not the intention of this work to unnecessarily repeat any basic textbook material, industry-related practice, or government legislation. Where appropriate, these will be referenced. Managing the air conditioning systems in buildings is a vital tool in the safe and efficient operation of built environments. The core suite of six subject areas provides access to guidance that

  • is more streamlined and accessible
  • encapsulates the latest standards and best practice in air conditioning engineering
  • provides a structured reference for built environment engineering

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  • PrefaceAir Distribution in Buildings
  • Acknowledgments
  • About the Author
  • Air Distribution Systems
  • Mathematical Modeling Technique
  • Airflow Regimes and Thermal Comfort in a Room
  • The Airflow Regimes and Thermal Pattern in Archeological Monuments
  • Airflow in Places of Worship
  • Airflow Patterns in Health-care Facilities
  • Examples of Typical Air Conditioning Projects
  • Indoor Environmental Quality
  • Energy Efficiency in Air-Conditioned Buildings
  • Nomenclature
  • Climatic Conditions in Luxor
  • Glossary


Air Distribution in Buildings is a concise and practical guide to air distribution system design and managing air conditioning systems in buildings. Making use of 40 years of experience in the design of air conditioning and ventilations systems, and other electromechanical services, this structured reference for built environment engineering offers in-depth coverage of air distribution technology. The text brings together a wide range of information and offers technical guidance on the design, calculation, and efficient operation of air distribution in buildings.


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