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A technical handbook for heating applications

A technical handbook for heating applications

A technical handbook for heating applications The list of industrial applications that operate with compact brazed heat exchangers, CBEs, is a long one: hydraulic oil coolers, engine and transmission oil coolers, co-generation systems and deionized water cooling systems are a few of the industrial applications described in this handbook. For each application, there are many different layouts and solutions.

The purpose of the industrial handbook is to make this industrial application knowledge available and more easily comprehensible. The handbook constitutes a powerful tool for learning more about the background of heat transfer. This information can be acquired by reading the handbook from “cover to cover” or by using the search function to easily find the subject of interest.

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The most basic rule of heat transfer is that heat always flows from a warmer medium to a colder medium. Heat exchangers are devices to facilitate this heat transfer with the highest possible efficiency. A good heat exchanger is able to transfer energy (heat) from the hot side to the cold side with small thermal losses and high efficiency. Good heat exchangers are typically small vessels with a small pressure drop, and are able to handle small temperature differences between two media.

A technical handbook for heating applications Content

  • IntroductionA technical handbook for heating applications
  • Basic Heat Transfer
  • Practical Advice
  • Boilers
  • Steam Applications
  • District Heating
  • Solar Hot Water
  • Appendix

One of the most efficient and economical ways to provide hot tap water and space heating is to use a boiler. The term “boiler” means
a device that can provide both hot tap water and space heating to the end users. If the device used only to provide hot water, it is
called a “water heater”. This chapter presents and discusses the various systems for instantaneous and semi-instantaneous hot tap water, and explains the principal components and how to design a CBE for boilers


A technical handbook for heating applications

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