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Modeling and Analysis with Induction Generators 3rd Edition

Modeling and Analysis with Induction Generators 3rd Edition

Modeling and Analysis with Induction Generators, Third Edition aids in understanding the process of self-excitation, numerical analysis of stand-alone and multiple induction generators, requirements for optimized laboratory experimentation, application of modern vector control, optimization of power transference, use of doubly fed induction generators, computer-based simulations, and social and economic impacts.

The general consciousness of finite and limited sources of energy on earth and international disputes over the environment and global safety of quality of life
have created an opportunity of new, more efficient, less polluting power plants with advanced technologies of control, robustness, and modularity. Induction generators, with their lower maintenance demands and simplified controls, appear to be a good solution for such applications.

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Modeling and Analysis with Induction Generators 3rd Edition Content

  • Foreword Modeling and Analysis with Induction Generators
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgments
  • Author
  • Principles of Alternative Sources of Energy and Electric Generation
  • Steady-State Model of Induction Generators
  • Transient Model of Induction Generators
  • Self-Excited Induction Generators
  • General Characteristics of Induction Generators
  • Construction Features of Induction Generators
  • Power Electronics for Interfacing Induction Generators
  • Scalar Control for Induction Generators
  • Vector Control for Induction Generators
  • Optimized Control for Induction Generators
  • Doubly Fed Induction Generators
  • Simulation Tools for Induction Generators
  • Applications of Induction Generators in Alternative Sources of Energy
  • Economics of Induction Generator–Based Renewable Systems

This book has been in our minds for the last decade. Several presentations, discussions, meetings, debates, and hundreds of e-mails ushered us toward the goal of writing this book. Many colleagues assisted us in the process. We thank the people who patiently read and commented on the drafts, gave practical suggestions, supported in developing simulations and experimentation, and inspired us and made us find veiled relationships in the intricacy of the topics.


Modeling and Analysis with Induction Generators 3rd Edition


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