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Flow and Combustion in Reciprocating Engines

Flow and Combustion in Reciprocating Engines

Flow and Combustion in Reciprocating Engines fueled by mainly gasoline and diesel has been the dominant power plant for well over 100 years. Although the continuation of its dominance worldwide has been questioned by environmentalists, who see cars threaten-ing the planet’s climate through the effect of CO2 on global warming, and by some engineers who have been overoptimistic about the potential, and the timing of introduction of fuel cells and electric vehicles into mass production, the reciprocating engine is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

The key to its success has been its continuous re-invention into more efficient and cleaner modes of combustion, the on-going development and refinement of catalytic converters and the successful partnership between engines, transmissions and also electric systems.

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Flow and Combustion in Reciprocating Engines Content

  • Spark Ignition and Combustion in Four-Stroke Gasoline EnginesFlow and Combustion in Reciprocating Engines
  • Flow, Mixture Preparation and Combustion in Direct-Injection Two-Stroke Gasoline Engines
  • Flow, Mixture Preparation and Combustion in Four-Stroke Direct-Injection Gasoline Engines
  • Turbulent Flow Structure in Direct-Injection, Swirl-Supported Diesel Engines
  • Recent Developments on Diesel Fuel Jets Under Quiescent Conditions
  • Conventional Diesel Combustion
  • Advanced Diesel Combustion
  • Fuel Effects on Engine Combustion and Emissions

Today, and even more so in the future, significant and simultaneous reductions of emissions and fuel consumption are the key issues in engine combustion. Since the S.I. engine is highly developed already, common trial and error methods alone will no longer be adequate to meet future requirements. Fuel and engine properties form such a complex system of mutually interacting processes that a detailed knowledge of all its properties is required if possible improvements shall be successfully identified, implemented and also optimized. Therefore, a close link between practical and theoretical work is mandatory right from the start of conceiving new combustion concepts.


Flow and Combustion in Reciprocating Engines


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