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Compressed Air Operations Manual

Compressed Air Operations Manual

Compressed air systems are the third most important utility to industry and are commonly the most misunderstood. Written to appeal to operators, mechanics and junior engineers, this manual is designed to provide a solid understanding of common compression systems and operations techniques. Using this book, the users learn tips and techniques for: creating a baseline of system performance, determining the impact of different compressors and compressor control types for the job at hand, and learning basic approaches to general maintenance.

The purpose of this book is to provide a basic understanding of the compressed air systems, equipment, and technologies that are available on the market today. You might have many years of experience with a specific compression system, but the catalogs and sales literature just aren’t providing you with the information you need.

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Compressed Air Operations Manual Content

  • List of Figures and TablesCompressed Air Operations Manual
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgments
  • The History of Compressed Air
  • Compressed Air Applications
  • Compressor Types
  • The Conservation of Mass and Energy as Applied to Compressed Air
  • The Compressed Air Supply
  • Compressed Air Dryers
  • Support Components
  • Pneumatic Controls
  • Electrical Controls
  • Maintenance
  • Energy and Costs Associated with Compressed Air
  • System Models
  • Specifying a Compression System
  • Conducting an Air Audit
  • Single-Stage Home-Built Air Compressor
  • Home-Built Compressed Air Drying System
  • A. Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations
  • B. Miscellaneous Technical Information
  • C. Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA)
  • Laws and Regulations Concerning Compressed Air


Compressed Air Operations Manual

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