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Screw Compressors

Screw Compressors

Screw Compressors Three Dimensional Computational Fluid Dynamics and Solid Fluid Interaction Adding modeling to the design process makes it possible not only to predict flow patterns more accurately, and also to determine distorting effects on rotors and casing of pressure and temperature distribution within the compressor. Examples outline the scope of the applied mathematical model.

Screw compressors are rotary positive displacement machines, which are compact, have few moving parts and which operate at high efficiency over a wide range of speeds and pressure differences. Consequently a substantial proportion of all in- dustrial compressors now produced are of this type.

There are few published books on the principles of their operation and how best to design them, especially in English. The authors made a first step to fill this  void with an earlier work on mathematical modelling and performance calculation of these machines. This described analytical procedures which are generally adequate for most applications, especially when dealing with oil flooded machines, in which temperature changes are relatively small and thus the effect of changes of shape of the key components on performance may be neglected. This assumption permitted the use of analytical procedures based on flow through passages with dimensions that are invariant with temperature and pressure.

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Screw Compressors Three Dimensional Computational Fluid Dynamics and Solid Fluid Interaction Content

  • IntroductionScrew Compressors
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics in Screw Machines
  • Grid generation of Screw Machine Geometry
  • Applications
  • Conclusions
  • A Models of Turbulent Flow
  • B Wall Boundaries
  • C Finite Volume Discretisation
  • References

The operating principle of screw machines, as expanders or compressors, known for over 120 years. Despite this, serious efforts to produce them were not  made until low cost manufacturing methods became available for accurate machining of the rotor profiles.


Screw Compressors Three Dimensional Computational Fluid Dynamics

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